• We are a bespoke Maths tuition service based in Bristol, Bath, Birmingham and London, providing online and face to face tuition. Although we mainly cover the areas mentioned, we are also able to teach students around the UK and Internationally through our online tuition platform.


  • Our Maths tutor has been coaching students for the last 10 years and has many success stories and testimonials. He holds a degree in Mathematics from a top tier University. He will be the one assessing your requirements and tailoring the lessons accordingly. 

  • Our tutor is able to teach all levels of Maths such as GCSE, A-level, SAT, GMAT, CAT, IB Maths, Psychometric test, quantitative test, aptitude test, numerical reasoning test and Undergraduate Maths.


  • Our tutor is able to provide both face to face and online tuition, depending on the needs of the client. 


  • Because Maths tuition is our speciality, you can rest assured that you will be speaking to an expert who can advise you in the most suitable manner.  

  • We advertise generally through word of mouth or referrals. Due to our family company structure, we thrive through satisfied students' recommendations.

Tuition that boosts your Maths Scores 

We help boost Maths grades and enable students to reach their full potential whatever their situation:

  • Improve confidence

  • Prepare for mock and real tests and exams

  • Get to grips with a particular topic

  • Make it into the right school

  • Challenge a gifted student to stretch themselves

  • Learn to understand and absorb information quickly and easily

  • Develop important critical thinking and independent learning skills for life



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Sample Online tutoring videos

We offer online tuition for students who cannot attend face to face. We provide specialist maths coaching for A Level and GCSE exams and intensive summer revision courses. 

Our tutor is  experienced in tutoring students online from countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Europe, UK, and the US desiring to get into top UK and US Universities.

We use an advanced  tutoring platform to teach students and rest assured the quality will be comparable with a face to face class. We offer a free trial class for those choosing online tuition. Signing up to a course of online lessons will be subject to a significant discount compared to the face to face rate. 

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About the tutor

Toby is a highly experienced tutor specialising in preparation for GCSEs, iGCSEs, A Level (AS and A2). He has in depth knowledge of specific coursework and examination requirements for the different examination boards. He focuses on exam technique and basic understanding of concepts and principles ensuring his pupils learn the correct content. He will guide you in the right way to help you reach your goals.

Toby has a Honours Degree in Mathematics from Imperial College in London and 9 years private and online tuition experience. He covers all levels of Mathematics from primary school all the way to SATs, GMAT and Degree level. He focuses particularly on A level and GCSE,  teaching all relevant modules including Stats, Core and Mechanics. What his students like about him is that he is always patient and encouraging and knows how to get the best out of his students. He enjoys making tricky concepts easy to understand by using everyday examples. There is no substitute for practice and he will set numerous problems to be completed before the next lesson. This is the only way to be sure topics are sinking in. He always emphasises full understanding of problems not just simply learning methods.

Before becoming a teacher he has been a public speaker, lecturer and has worked for 5 years  in Finance.

He provides intensive exam preparation and his pupils typically improve by two or three grades depending on time spent.​

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